Bluetooth Compatible 5.3 LED Power Digital Display Stereo Sound Transparent Wireless Earbuds

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Short Description:
Type: Wireless Earbuds
Origin: China
Colors: Black, White, Pink, Green, Blue
Color Choice: RANDOM
Bluetooth-Compatible: Bluetooth-compatible V5.3, high-definition binaural call
Product Horn: 8mm composite film horn
Product Chip: Jerry 6983D
Standby Time: 60 days+
Working Time: 5 hours, the charging box can charge the headphones 3 times.
Charging Time: Approx 45 minutes
Communication Distance: Obstacle-free 15 meters
Headphone Battery Capacity: 30mAh
Charging Box Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Charging Interface: Type-C
Charging Box Size: About 43 * 28 * 50mm approx

Product Description:
LED Power Digital Display: LED digital accurately displays the remaining power of the charging compartment and the power of the left and right earphones is also clearly displayed, allowing for free control of time.
Long Endurance: With a low-power chip and a large-capacity lithium battery, it can be used continuously for 5 hours when fully charged, and can last for 20 hours when paired with a charging box, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of music and games.
Bluetooth-Compatible 5.3: The new generation Bluetooth-compatible 5.3 main control chip significantly improves its anti-interference ability in complex environments, with lower power consumption, faster transmission, and more stable connections.
Comfortable to Wear: In-ear Bluetooth-compatible earphones and silicone earcaps are comfortable to wear. Open the earphone case and take it out to automatically pair, providing an indescribable listening experience.

What’s in the box: 1 x Earphones Set, 1 x Charging Box, 1 x Data Cable, 1 x User Manual

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